Improve Any Space With a Hardwood Floor

Complete your hardwood & laminate floor installation or refinishing project in the Boise, ID area

A hardwood floor is often an instant update for any space. It adds warmth and a timeless look you can't find when using other flooring materials. If you want to bring the natural beauty of hardwood into your home in the Boise, ID area, turn to Cleland Flooring & Tile LLC for flooring services.

You can choose from our:

Hardwood floor installation services
Engineered hardwood floor installation services
Hardwood floor refinishing services

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Find an alternative to hardwood floors

Find an alternative to hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are durable, but they can wear down over time, especially from rough use. If you have rambunctious pets or kids, you might need a sturdier floor. That's why we offer laminate flooring installation services. While laminate floors look like hardwood floors, they resist scratches and stains much better. They're easy to replace, too.

For more information on our laminate flooring installation services, get in touch with us today. We'll help you decide which flooring type is right for your style and budget.